Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Church and a Baseball Game...

Andon and I have a play date today. Yesterday I was reading someone's blog who lives here and e-mailed her to ask a question about her son's Soccer. She quickly e-mailed back and we went back and forth and she invited us to hang out today. We're going to the Monkey's Tree House. Sounds kind of like Monkey Joe's to me, we'll see! We are both so excited to meet someone and get out of the apartment!! Thank you so much for praying for us!!!! Please continue to pray for church this Sunday! Love you all!!

My oh my do I have some demanding readers! :) I go to read my comments and my friends (Brandi and Jessica) want to know where I am and when am I going to blog again. Don't you know I am busy here in Tennessee with no friends, no play dates, no schedule and no where to go! Just playing, sort of. We have been up to a few things. We tried a new church last weekend. I think we will try a new one this weekend. :) I am trying to be open. Trying not to compare to our GREAT church at home in Orlando. So, we'll see how that goes. Please pray that I know as soon as I walk through the doors if it will be our church home or not. That's what I'm praying and as soon as I walked in last Sunday it didn't feel right. But I couldn't just leave, I had to stay and sit through a message that I couldn't really follow. Looking over at Jared only to see him falling asleep and Andon in between us saying "I don't like this church, I don't want to make friends here". So, that was our first experience. I know this Sunday will be better.
We've also gone out and done some fun things. One of our neighbor's gave us tickets to a Nashville Sounds baseball game. That is the minor league baseball team here. So Tuesday night we headed to Nashville for that. Here are a few pictures from the game.

Oh my, is he handome! He's gonna kill me when he see's this. :)

Here is a somewhat normal picture of us. We are having trouble taking pictures around here lately. Every time I try to take one Andon starts acting crazy and making all these movements and faces. I'm really getting tired of it! :) So this one is ok but the next one is proof!

You see, he's starting! Even Jared is acting crazy! :)

Andon had so much fun at the game! So much fun that when he woke up the next morning this is how he came into my room. With every single baseball thing he could come across! I know that ball is not a baseball, we have lost all the baseballs in the move! :) And those rain boots you can barely see, he says those are his baseball boots! Too cute!

So that's a little of what we have been up to. Please pray for relationships for Andon and I. We thought that a 5 year old little boy was moving in next door but he was just visiting from Texas. Bummer! But at least Andon got to play for a day. He keeps asking where's my new friend and what was his name! :) Today we're going to the pool. Hopefully there will be some kids to play with there. Love and Miss Everyone, Jen


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Thanks for the update. I hope this Sunday goes better. Try not to compare to Westwood. There's not another one like it anywhere :)
We miss you!!

Jackie Sue said...

Jen, My heart is sad for yours and Andon's lonliness, but excited for all that God is going to do in and through you in your new home. I could "meet" with you tonight at around 8:30 if you wanted. Call me and let me know. Love all the the big CMT guitar!!!! :) love you and looking forward to seeing you in Oct...oh, and I disagree with Cass(big shock-heehee) I think there are Westwood's all over the place...they may look different, but the body of Christ is out there and you will find your place. You may need to visit a Sunday school class/small group to meet some folks you can connect with and Andon probably won't meet his new friend in "big church", but he might in a class for kids his age. You will certainly know though, but maybe not instantly. Some of the best relationships in my life have taken a lot of time to develop and I've wanted to divorce myself from Westwood lots of times...all that to say, it is hard sometimes to know where God wants us, but He will tell you and that great relationships take a LOT of work. Can you tell I miss you??? I'm trying to say everything at once to make sure you keep hope alive as you work through your new adjustments. Have you checked into BSF yet??? love you tons

Sunday said...

I love you SO much do you know this sweet girl??!! Thanks so much for sharing just right where you are! Know that you are sharing with friends who are praying for God's BEST in all of your lives! I am looking forward to your visit at church Sunday. Please hug Andon for us! Love you, Sun

Kelly said...

I pray you will find a great church home! Church hopping is NEVER easy!! I think I like doing that about as much as a root canal! Cool scoreboard, btw!!

Brandi said...

I know church shopping is SO hard. . The Lord will make it clear, though. Have you contacted my friend, Jill? I'm sure they'd love for you to join them for a week. How about Strong Tower? You'd love them.

Love you and miss you. . see you in 8 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hey sis. It sounds like you are trying to adjust, huh?.. Andon looks too cute in those pics. I miss you guys so much. You are always in my heart though. I lOVE You ALL!!

Sunday said...

Okay so it's 7:45PM and I just read your update about today.....SO how did it go? Sun

Unknown said...

I thought I would follow up your comment on my blog. I have found that the blog world is a great place to make new friends. Your family is adorable. I am always looking for playmates for my son when we get him home from Ethiopia. I walk around and search out 4 year olds. We will have to get them together. There are some Ethiopia fellowship groups I can tell you about and I can definitely hook you up with some playgroups for your son and my sister is the queen of every girls group and social outing for kids there is. You guys are also welcome to visit our church. Email me and I'll tell you all about it and some of these get togethers. Our church is very diverse. We love it. There are lots of great churches in this area. Email me at . We'll have to get together. What brought yall to Nashville?

Largaespada Family said...

Jen I will continue praying for a church home for your family. And I'm proud of you for getting out there and meeting people! Awesome, keep it up! God's gonna take care of your sweet family!


Dearest Jessica said...

Very fun! I love the new layout~!