Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Pics

Right before Adelyn's first birthday we had our sweet friend/photographer Paula Herko take some pics of our family. We're always taking pics around here but we hardly have any of the four of us. The pic in my new header is my favorite of all the the family ones. Here are a few of my other fav's.


I sure do yub him... :))



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Change is Good!

I have to tell myself that because it's always happening! But really, I believe it.

As you can see, I have once again changed the title to this old blog o'mine. :) I started this blog in 2008 when we moved to Tennessee and called it "The Road Ahead." Once we were there and settled it felt like a strange blog title to have so I renamed my blog "The Three Of Us... living in the moments". Loved that title but then we had Adelyn so it wasn't the three of us anymore! So I renamed it "Today is All We Have" to write about living right here and right now. I loved that name too but it just wasn't feeling right. So I was laying in bed one night and the simple but meaningful statement of "Living, in the moments" came to my mind. I thought it was just perfect!!

I, like so many other's am watching life fly by and my children grow before my eyes!! Jared and I are always saying to each other "life is good right now, our children are little, we are in a good place." And it is so good. No, not perfect. We have our fair share of hard times too but we really do enjoy life right where we are wherever we are.

Speaking of that, we are going to be moving again!! Still here in Orlando but somewhere else. We're gypsies I tell ya! Not looking forward to moving but looking forward to having a back yard for my kids to play in and maybe for me to grow a garden in. :))

We have so much more going on in our lives that we'll talk about later. :) For now I'll leave you with pics of my sweet ones.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Her Sweet and Shabby Party

I had been planning Adelyn's party in my head for weeks!! Finally, about 4 weeks before the actual day I started making purchases and putting my ideas together.

She was born on Easter Sunday last year so I knew I wanted a slight tie into that. But mostly I just wanted it to be a dessert and treats party with a shabby chic/spring feel.

I don't think it could have turned out any better. It was just a beautiful little party for my sweet one turning one!! :))

Some pics of the cakes and cupcakes...

I love this pic of her opening gifts! :)

And she LOVES her new baby stroller that Nana T. got her!

Watching us sing "Happy Birthday" to her. :)

This wasn't her first time with the cake so she new exactly what to do!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!! We love you so much and look forward to many more!!

Royal Icing Cupcake Toppers

I mentioned in my last post about having to practice making some of the desserts I was making for Adelyn's Birthday party.

Well.... Another great idea I found on the site ~ I Am Mommy ~ were these royal icing cupcake toppers!! I searched everywhere trying to find something just right to use for my cupcakes and when I came across these I knew I had to try.

So I printed off a pic of what they were supposed to look like, the recipe on how to make royal icing and a bunch of sheets of the roses to pipe.

I taped the sheets with the roses to the counter and then taped a sheet of parchment paper over them.

Then I made the frosting according to the directions found on the Wilton website, separated it and then added a drop of pink to one bowl and a drop of green to the other. And when I say a drop I mean it! That's all it needed. Unless, of course, you want hot pink roses which I did not. :)

After that, I just filled my two bags and piped out the roses... :)

I just let them dry overnight and the next morning.... Wallah!!

Here's how they looked on the cupcakes the day of her party!! Can you see them in the center of the table?!? So cute!!

p.s. I can not say enough great things about the site ~ I Am Mommy ~ She doesn't know me and has never even heard of me. I am just telling you this because I just LOVE her site and all her creative desserts!! :))

p.p.s If you decide to attempt to make these just know that they are VERY fragile. Handle with care!! Luckily I made plenty because the afternoon of the party when I was putting out all the cupcakes and sticking them into them I was just breaking them one after the other and freaking out just a little bit.. :))

She's One!!!

Last Monday, April 4th, Adelyn turned 1! We celebrated as a family that night and last Saturday she had her party. Can't wait to post pics!!

I made some fun new desserts for her party but had to do a few practice runs to make sure I even knew how to do them! So the night of her birthday we cut into the beautiful rose cake I made. I found this cake on Amanda's website called I am mommy. It is just amazing what she can do with cakes!! She makes everything look so easy and gives great tutorials to walk you through. I was pretty happy with how my first Rose cake turned out.

I think Adelyn was too!! She LOVED her very first piece of cake! :))

I can't believe how fast the last year with her has gone! I was going through lots of pics that I printed to hang around the house for her party and just loved seeing her at every month. The slight changes in her little face each month, more and more hair on her head, hands a feet getting bigger. I love love love that sweet girl of ours!! :))

And so does he, oh my!

Happy 1st Birthday Adelyn!! You have been the sweetest gift to our family! We love you so much honey girl and couldn't be more thankful for you!!

p.s. party pics to come... woot woot!!! :))

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Morning Walks

We go on a morning walk a few times a week. It just feels like the perfect way to start the day to me. I have plenty of pics that I snapped from our walk the other day.

It's pretty typical for her to still be in her jammies.

Re-tying his shoes. I think he's due for a pair of running shoes. He loves to run and all he's got are a bunch of Converse and flip-flops.

Andon LOVES dogs so we have to pay a visit to each and every one we see!


We usually stop off at the neighborhood playground.

It is such a fun and relaxing way to start the day. By the time we come back Adelyn is ready for her 1st nap and it's School time for Andon and I.

I have lots of fun pics to post from Easter and Mother's Day soon. Life has just been a little crazy around here. On Easter Sunday my brother was in a dirt biking accident and has been in a hospital in Tampa ever since. He has gone through 3 surgeries to try to save as much of his foot as possible and today will be having another. They have amputated his 2nd toe and 1/2 of the 3rd toe and placed rods through his foot. Today they are taking him into the operating room to clean it all out and make sure that what they left is still looking good and not infecting the rest of his foot. Because if it's not then they will have to remove all of his toes and the front half of his foot. Please pray for him and my family today.

Thanks so much, Jen

Remnants from the party

Adelyn's 1st Birthday Party was April 9th and there are still sweet little reminders left through the house. I L-O-V-E-D planning her party and celebrating my girl turning 1!

I hung these pom poms over the tables at the party now a few of them are hanging over her crib and they look so cute in there! This lone one is still hanging in my living room! Haha...

These were the party favors I made for all who came to the party. And lucky me I scored a couple for myself. :)

I made this chalkboard with a cheap frame from Wal-Mart and some chalkboard paint for her party and now it sits on my kitchen counter so I can write daily messages to my family.

Adelyn is already 13 and 1/2 months and weighs 20 lbs. She is such a happy and healthy girl. She has grown and changed so much since I wrote her 10 month post. That was an exciting one though because that's when she started walking. Now she is all out tryin to run! She loves loves loves to eat. Seriously, any new food we have given her she likes and say's "more!" She now say's Dada, Mama, ANDON (she always yells it :)) diaper, thank you, and brother. She is actually saying a lot more this is just what we can understand! She is a very busy girl with lots and lots of energy and we LOVE her!! :))