Sunday, July 12, 2009

Took a few photos...

After church today we headed out to take a few photos of my sister and her kids. She has been wanting to take them to the Natchez Trace Bridge so off we went. Here are just a couple of the pics we took.

And of course me and my little guy had to get in on it! :)

I really like this one! We just look like we are being silly as usual. :)

One week left of the kids stay. So we are planning a few more things and just trying to enjoy the rest of the time we have with them.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day!

Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day as all of you who read this know!! I know that because I saw all of your cute pics on your blogs and facebook! :)

We weren't really planning on going but I was on the computer in the morning and kept seeing stuff for it. So I went into my sister's room to see if she had any white shirts we could ruin and she did! We had fun coloring spots all over the clothes and getting the kids ready. Jamie decided to take them into the bathroom and draw black spots on their faces! They really loved that part, except for Jordan. He said he didn't look like a cow he thought he looked like a spider monkey instead!! I was dying laughing!! :) I don't know what a spider monkey looks like but I had to agree with him that he probably looked more like that than a cow! Here are a few pics of our sweet little cows/spider monkey...

And A. Jamie in the mix...

We actually had so much fun! When we got there the place was pretty empty so all the employees came over and were taking pics of the kids. Of course the big cow came out and all the food was free! I'm sure we'll do it again next year!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Batman Glove

I have already mentioned that I am planning on homeschooling Andon and we are very excited about this new venture! To get ready for Kindergarten I bought some fun workbooks to work on through the Summer. It's really cool because Jordan and Briana also brought some workbooks to work on so they all get to do school together.

Well, while they were doing some schoolwork the other day I gave some instructions and walked away for a minute to do something. When I came back this is what I saw...

He had on his Batman pajamas that morning and said he had to draw on his "Batman Glove"! Very cute! He insisted that he also draw it on the other hand. So I let him. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

This year for the 4th (we actually celebrated on the 3rd) we decided to take the kids to a local water park. I am not a major fan of water park's and this one really did me in. I didn't like it at all but the kids had a blast and that's what we went for! :) We went late in the day so they could have some fun and then watch the fireworks over the lake. Luckily, the fireworks were awesome! Here are a few pics of us waiting around for them to start...
They all were doing bunny ears but each one of them thought they were the only one doing it! :)

My guys...

I love this picture of Jamie and her kids!

Being goofy...

The next day, which was the fourth, we grilled out and lounged around at the pool! Which I totally enjoyed! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls Night and Bangs

A couple nights ago, Jamie, Briana and I decided to go have a girls night out. We came up with the idea at last minute but still in time to go have pedicures! Probably one of my most favorite things to do! I LOVE having my feet rubbed and then getting my toes painted in some pretty OPI color! :) I am so bummed that I didn't bring along my camera but I do have proof of the pretty toes!

That same day Briana decided she wanted some bangs cut. It looked to me like she had already given herself a little trim but she insists that she didn't. So instead of catching her in the bathroom with have of her hair cut off we decided to go ahead and grant her wish! Here she is with her new bangs! Just as cute as ever! :)

Jared, Andon and Jordan will be having a boys night here soon so hopefully I can get Jared to take the camera along!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pool Days

We are LOVING the beautiful Summer weather around here! Really, the Winter wasn't so bad but I have been looking so forward to this time. The weather here seems to be very similar to Florida just about 5 to 10 degrees cooler and nowhere near as much humidity. That is the worst part anyway if you ask me! Andon and I love to go to the pool a few days a week but with the kids here we have been going practically every day. Here are just a couple pics of the kids having fun at the pool.

Two peas in a pod...

Jordan was giving Andon and Briana rides all around the pool.

Taking a little break. All three of them are covered in these tattoos from the party!

We are having such a fun Summer. The kids will be here for three more weeks and then Andon and I will be driving them home. I am so excited to be able to spend some time with friends and family there!