Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls Night and Bangs

A couple nights ago, Jamie, Briana and I decided to go have a girls night out. We came up with the idea at last minute but still in time to go have pedicures! Probably one of my most favorite things to do! I LOVE having my feet rubbed and then getting my toes painted in some pretty OPI color! :) I am so bummed that I didn't bring along my camera but I do have proof of the pretty toes!

That same day Briana decided she wanted some bangs cut. It looked to me like she had already given herself a little trim but she insists that she didn't. So instead of catching her in the bathroom with have of her hair cut off we decided to go ahead and grant her wish! Here she is with her new bangs! Just as cute as ever! :)

Jared, Andon and Jordan will be having a boys night here soon so hopefully I can get Jared to take the camera along!

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Dawn Simmons said...

They have finally restored my internet, so I had a lot of reading on your's and Jam's blogs to do. I love that you all are having a great time, wish that we could be there!!Looks like a lot of fun! Love, Mom