Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cody's Visit

A couple of weeks ago my little nephew Cody came to visit. It was his first time sleeping over our house so we wanted to make it really fun for him. It may have been his first sleepover ever. I'm not sure I just know he's a boy that likes to be close to home. :)

We got him on a Saturday and weren't sure how long he'd stay. Jared happen to be off on Monday (it was the day after the 4th.) And that night he say's "i'm pretty sure i'm ready to go home tomorrow. I need to ride some dirtbikes.) So cute! So the next morning when Jared went to work me and the kiddos loaded up and took him home.

Here are a couple of pics from his stay. We decided to take them to Downtown Disney. There is so much to see there without spending any money! We did eat at the T Rex restaurant which was SO neat. The boys LOVED it!

This picture is so funny. Can you see Andon's hook?

Lego Woody! He was so cool.

And the T Rex restaurant. What little (or big) boy wouldn't love it!

It was such a fun couple of days with him here. Now we have my nephew Jordan here and in two weeks my niece Briana will be coming. Love these kiddos. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating the Fourth

This weekend we went to my parent's house to celebrate the 4th of July. We had such a fun day eating lots of yummy food, swimming in the pool, hanging with cousins and shooting off our own fireworks.

Here's a pic of Briana, Jordan, Cody and Andon. I think they stayed in the pool ALL day! Only came out to eat and then when it was time for the fireworks.

Here's Andon and Cody. They are such good buddies. Cody actually came home to Orlando with us for a few days. We have been having lots of fun.

Here's my sweet little niece Kylie.

My nephew Cayden. He is 6 months old and such a sweet baby.

My little Adelyn. She was a busy girl that day. She only took 30 minute cat naps throughout the day then fell asleep and missed the fireworks.

And here are two sweet pics of Adelyn and my Dad. She is gonna be such a Papa's girl. He is so cute with her. One of the naps she took was in his arms that day and as soon as he put her down she was up.

As soon as it got dark we set up a bunch of chairs and Jared, Roger and my Dad lit the fireworks. We have bought some in the past but never this good! They were awesome! It was such a fun day celebrating the fourth and hanging with my family!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 Months

Happy 4th of July! We have had the best weekend celebrating with family. I have a whole other post to write about that.

Today my sweet Adelyn turned 3 months old and wow, is she growing!! She seems to change every day. We still can't figure out who she looks like. I can look at her and think she looks like Jared and an hour later think she totally looks like me. Either way, she is such a precious girl.

In the last month she has started to enjoy her swing more, which is nice. She sits in her Bumbo seat every day for a little bit. She likes to sit up and see everything! She rolls from her front to her back and from her back to her side. She LOVES to have her hands in her mouth! And i'm talking about the whole thing! So cute! :) She weighs 13 pounds and is 23 and 1/2 inches long. Everybody who sees her asks how old she is and when I say how old they say "wow she is a big baby." We think she is just perfect!

She is still eating every three hours during the day and every four to five hours during the night. She still sleeps in her little bed in my room. :) Maybe in the next month or so she'll go in her own room. She loves to talk and be talked to. I think she is gonna be a social one just like her brother.

She loves her big brother and he adores her as well. Every time we get in the car he sits right next to her to take care of her and sing songs to her. Today I actually sat in the back seat with them and watched him while he sang. She was smiling so big and just staring at him! It was adorable!

I am just loving having a girl! We already have the sweetest relationship and I look forward to so many things with her. Here are a couple of pics of my sweet girl in her 4th of July outfit.

And a pic with her handsome Daddy. :)

Hope everyone has had a fabulous 4th! I am listening to the fireworks out my window as I type!

Friday, July 2, 2010

All Sorts of New Things

Since Adelyn was a couple months old Andon has been asking if he could feed her a bottle. I have gone back and forth about whether or not I would pump. I actually bought one and after two months went by without using it I took it back. Well, a couple of weeks ago my friend, Kristen, who also just had a baby happen to have 2 double electric pumps and offered one to me. I figured it would be nice to pump a bottle here and there to be able to go out with friends and stuff. So I pumped my first bottle and let Andon feed her.

I wasn't even worried about her not taking it and thankfully she didn't have any problems. This sweet girl is not gonna miss a meal! :) It was so sweet watching Andon feed her. She was just staring at him probably wondering what is going on! :) Here are some pics of my boy feeding my girl.

And like I wrote a couple of posts back we are letting her try her swing and different seats around the house. I have been trying to put her in her Bumbo seat for a couple of weeks and she hated it. Now when I put her in it she'll sit comfortably for about 20 minutes or so. It is so cute seeing her sit up like a big girl. Kind of sad too. Here she is in her big seat being all important. ;)

My girl is growing and changing so fast, she'll be 3 months old this weekend!!! It is so fun watching all of the changes but I get sad because I don't think we are having anymore babies so I want to soak it all up. Here's one more pic of that sweet face.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!!