Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cody's Visit

A couple of weeks ago my little nephew Cody came to visit. It was his first time sleeping over our house so we wanted to make it really fun for him. It may have been his first sleepover ever. I'm not sure I just know he's a boy that likes to be close to home. :)

We got him on a Saturday and weren't sure how long he'd stay. Jared happen to be off on Monday (it was the day after the 4th.) And that night he say's "i'm pretty sure i'm ready to go home tomorrow. I need to ride some dirtbikes.) So cute! So the next morning when Jared went to work me and the kiddos loaded up and took him home.

Here are a couple of pics from his stay. We decided to take them to Downtown Disney. There is so much to see there without spending any money! We did eat at the T Rex restaurant which was SO neat. The boys LOVED it!

This picture is so funny. Can you see Andon's hook?

Lego Woody! He was so cool.

And the T Rex restaurant. What little (or big) boy wouldn't love it!

It was such a fun couple of days with him here. Now we have my nephew Jordan here and in two weeks my niece Briana will be coming. Love these kiddos. :)

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Brittani said...

looks like a fun week ... I want to get on that invite list to visit y'all for a few days :)