Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Fall Festival

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to the Crosspoint Church County Fair. It was held at a local farm with all kinds of fun things to do. The kids all had a blast! Of course I took some pics of our time there.
This picture just makes me laugh. Andon loved this little donkey and it seemed to really like him too. He stayed there petting that thing the whole time we were waiting to ride the hay ride. So cute. :)

Uncle Jared and Kylie. We miss having her stinky self around.

The boys leading us through the corn maze. They loved taking turns leading us around. A couple of times one of them would lead us close to the end and then the other would get a turn and turn us back around. :)

The kids at the end of the corn maze.

My dare devil boys. :)

And he found another animal friend...

It was such a fun day at the farm. The weather was perfect and there really was so much to do. Just a week before we went there we took the boys to pick out pumpkins. They both got to pick out a face and help Jared carve it out. Their pumpkins turned out so neat and I did take a bunch of pictures but I somehow erased them of my card!! I was so bummed but at least it was just that!

My sister and her kids are now back home in FL. We are enjoying having a quiet house for the time being. :) We really do have so much going on that I can't wait to talk about. We were supposed to be headed home this weekend for Andon to have surgery next week but I am rescheduling it for December for a couple of reasons. I think we will be headed that way the week of Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see everyone! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kylie's 1st Birthday!

Last weekend was my niece Kylie's 1st birthday. The whole house was decorated in pink and white balloons and streamers, it really was so sweet! I loved being able to celebrate this with her and my sister and nephew. The weather was beautiful so we grilled hamburgers and spent some time playing outside.

Here she is opening her presents, don't you love the sweet bow i got her! I almost bought two in case I have a girl but I didn't. :)

Here is her cute Care Bear cake...

And blowing out the candles with mama and her brother...

The fun part! Getting to tear up your very own cake! :) She loved it!

Posing with the boys.

She is just the sweetest little baby. Jared and I have really enjoyed having her here for the last month. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!