Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kylie's 1st Birthday!

Last weekend was my niece Kylie's 1st birthday. The whole house was decorated in pink and white balloons and streamers, it really was so sweet! I loved being able to celebrate this with her and my sister and nephew. The weather was beautiful so we grilled hamburgers and spent some time playing outside.

Here she is opening her presents, don't you love the sweet bow i got her! I almost bought two in case I have a girl but I didn't. :)

Here is her cute Care Bear cake...

And blowing out the candles with mama and her brother...

The fun part! Getting to tear up your very own cake! :) She loved it!

Posing with the boys.

She is just the sweetest little baby. Jared and I have really enjoyed having her here for the last month. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!


Brittani said...

how cute is she :) Can't believe she is already 1!

Hannah said...

She is so cute!