Monday, December 15, 2008

Our sweet little Juma

Last night we sat down as a family and went through the Compassion International website. Compassion International is a Christian child advocacy ministry that aids children all over the world. We have been talking about sponsoring a child forever so it was very fun to actually do it!

If you go through the website they have many pictures of children who need a sponsor. It only costs 32.00 a month to help provide food and clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, important life-skills training and most importantly they will hear about Jesus!

We narrowed it down (it is so hard to choose) to a sweet little 4 year old boy in Tanzania, East Africa. His name is Juma and he has no siblings and lives with his grandparents. The website tells you what chores they do around the house and what they like to do for fun. We can write him letters and sweet cards anytime we want!

We are so excited to be a small part of Juma's life. Even though Andon thinks he is already his brother and that we may go get him!! :)

I put a link on the side of my page if anyone is interested in sponsoring a child.



Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

We sponsor a little girl from Nicaragua who is Morgan's age. My kids talk about her often and we enjoy sending the updates they give us.

Anonymous said...

Jason and I have sponsored a boy through Compassion for about 3 years now. It is fun to get letters from him and to write him back. I think he is 10 now. Can't wait to see you this week! Heather