Wednesday, December 16, 2009

24 Weeks

I am 24 weeks pregnant now and feeling so good. Finally no more sickness and the placental tear that I had must have healed because I haven't had any complications with that either. I am now getting heartburn every couple of days and lots of cramping in my legs at night. I am not complaining just saying what I am going through. :)

This pregnancy has been so interesting. I think if there is a symptom to be had I have either had it already or will in the next couple of months! :) And I will gladly go through them all to have our little girl.

I just wanted to post a picture of my belly because it has changed quite a bit since the last picture that we took.

What a difference a month makes!!! Just a few more and our sweet Addy girl will be here!


Kelly said...

You are WAY too cute!!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute...I love this picture!!! Love, Christie

Brittani said...

It is too cute that you look JUST LIKE the drawing to the right of you! You are like a little pregnant Barbie Doll :)

Kelly said...

You look AWESOME! Can't wait to see you in person!