Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adelyn and I met PW

Last week Ree Drummond also known as The Pioneer Woman was in town doing a cookbook signing at Barnes and Noble. I have loved reading her blog for the couple of years so I was so excited to get to meet her!

The book signing started at 6pm so I thought I would be smart and arrive around 5:30 to beat the crowds. Well, not only was I near the end of the line but I had to wait 4 hours to meet her! People started getting there at 2pm that day to start lining up. I didn't know everyone else around here knew about her! :)

Jared, Andon and Adelyn toured the bookstore for a while then went to Chick-Fil-a to pick up some dinner then came back and read some books for a while and then drove around the parking lot while Adelyn screamed then toured the bookstore for a while more.

Thankfully the sweet girls in line with me offered to hold my place while I went and fed Adelyn, twice. :) The first time was in the bathroom, standing in one of the stalls (that was bad). The second time was out in the car, not so bad. But sweet little Adelyn was just not happy afterwards so I left the line again to go get her and have her wait to meet Ree with me.

Besides knowing my baby was screaming in the car and stressing my hubby out the wait wasn't that bad. I got to meet some really sweet girls from different parts of Florida. We talked about baby slings, breastfeeding, pizza throwing, yoyo contests, food, one of the girls friends who stood her up :) and all kinds of stuff. I love hanging out with a bunch of women, we can talk about just anything and instantly become friends.

So after four hours of waiting Adelyn and I got to meet sweet Ree and have her sign my cookbook. Here is a pic from my iphone because I forgot my camera. :)

She was so sweet, I really don't know what I said to her because I was pretty frazzled hoping Adelyn wouldn't start screaming. I do remember her asking if she could smell Adelyn's head though! I thought that was so funny because I love the smell of baby's heads too! :)

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