Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day In The Life {School Day}

I think I may do a post each week titled this. Just for fun and to look back on when my sweet ones were little. Our life is pretty laid back around here but also on a very consistent schedule.

I wake up around 7:00 every day and very soon after, both Andon and Adelyn do too. I usually take Adelyn to my room to feed her while Andon plays in his room. After that we all head downstairs for Andon and I to eat breakfast.

After breakfast I pick up the house a little while Andon makes his bed and cleans his room. Before we know it, it's 9:00 and Adelyn is going back to sleep for her first nap. This is when Andon and I head to the school room to do our school for the day.

We usually do school until 11:00 which is right around the time that Adelyn is waking up. Now we all get to play and hang out together. After lunch Addie goes down for her second nap and Andon and I get back to school until around 1:30 or 2:00 (just depends on when Adelyn wakes back up.)

From here on it's whatever we want to do... Riding bikes, going for walks, running errands, meeting up with friends, snuggling and watching movies, etc. (This is my favorite time of day besides awaiting the arrival of my honey from work around 5:30! :))

Of course, there are the exceptions when we have plans and are away from the house the whole day and school goes with. We also have lots of recreational homeschool stuff we do like ~ P.E and Music Class and Book Club and Field Trips. :)

With all that said... I took some pics while doing school last week. I thought that I had already written a post on our classroom but looked back on the blog and didn't see it.

So, I guess I wrote it in my head. :)

We learn a new Bible verse each week. And Andon usually decorates the marker and chalk boards to his liking. As you can see, Hulk and Iron Man are singing praise to God!! :)

One thing we love to do is read a story together and then either paint or draw a picture about the story.

This is his picture from the story "Bugs in Our Backyard"

I LOVED his little Bee!

And after he's done doing the artwork I want him to do he likes to do what he wants.

This is a picture of "The Joker throwing gray bottles with poison inside at the scarecrow. And Venom broke Spidermans legs!!" Those were Andon's interpretations. :)

So there you have it, a fun day school day in the Mirabile household! :)

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Brittani said...

sounds almost identical to our schedule... Gotta say that I love the down time with my babies, too :)

(the running at 6:30am, not so much.... although I do love that time hanging with you).