Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Ran With It

It was 7:00 and I was driving home from a (6 mile run!!!!) yesterday morning and the thought to head over to my parent's house crossed my mind.

So, two things....

I love running and have done it for years but haven't been doing it as consistently lately. I really love running in the mornings and I really love running with someone. So when a friend of mine recently asked if i'd like to join her for a run I happily obliged! I told her I haven't been on a long run in a while so she'd have to take it easy on me!! As we're running she says "do you want to do 5 or 7?!?!" When I took more than 20 seconds to answer she went ahead and said "7 it is!" But really it wasn't bad at all. That's why I love running with someone because you talk to whole time and you lose track of everything else. I had to throw all that in here because I am so excited to be lacing the shoes up again!!!

The other thing is, my parent's live a couple of hours away from me. I usually plan ahead of time when I go and have my stuff all packed up the night before. But something just came over me this particular morning. I knew the weather was going to be beautiful. And when we go to my parent's we spend the day doing things like this...

Relaxing in the hammock under a shade tree while the wind blows.

And Andon LOVES doing things like this!! :)

Of course he had to get off while U. Rogie did this.

We get to hang with cousins... Here's my sweet niece Kylie.

And my nephew Cayden.

And get lots of loves from Papa and Nana. :)

It was such a fun day relaxing, playing, hanging outside and bar-b-cueing. So glad the idea crossed my mind and I actually just ran with it!!

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