Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family of Four

The moment I had Adelyn I was completely overjoyed but had this feeling like something was missing. I said to Jared I wish Andon were here and he said he was thinking the exact same thing! Not to witness the birth or anything like that just to be there when his sister arrived. :) We are such a close little family and we were certainly missing our boy.

So needless to say when Brittani and Terri brought him to the hospital to meet Adelyn I was so excited. He came walking in the room with flowers for me and a sweet little lamb stuffed animal for her. He seemed like such a big boy. Here are a bunch of sweet pictures that Brittani took of our visit.

I loved introducing her to him and seeing the look on his face. He was so sweet with her, just petting and kissing her head.

I just love this pic. Two of my favorite people. :)

She loved her little lamb from her big brother. :)

Daddy sure loves his girl...

And momma sure loves her boy...

We are now a family of four and feel so complete.

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Sarah Pete said...

So sweet and absolutely priceless, Jen. Again, congrats!