Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Big One

It's weird because I sort of new it would happen soon. She is so active and loves to climb everything. Stairs, chairs, large toys, dresser drawers, really anything she can. Yesterday was the day. She fell off a chair and hit her mouth while going down. By the time I got to her her mouth had already filled with blood. (The mouth bleeds a ton by the way.) I should be better at this stuff but I got panicky and scared. I had Andon running around getting my phone and wet towels.

It was pretty impossible to see inside her mouth because she was crying so much and fighting me away. She already doesn't let me see in there without having a booboo.

Aren't mouth wounds the worst! Well they probably aren't but to me they are. I have been through so many mouth surgeries with Andon. I should be the expert but they just scare me. I feel so helpless because I can't really see it and I feel like I can't take care of it like I need to.

I called her Dr's office and explained what I was seeing. The piece of skin that attaches the lip to the gums (it's called the frenum) was seperated. They said to just give her a popsicle because it would be like icing it and some pain medicine. And that the mouth heals pretty quickly which I know to be true.

I still have a little anxious feeling in me about it though. But she's not in pain anymore, it's not bleeding anymore and she really seems fine. So I just have to wait a week or so a hopefully it will be good as new!


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Brittani said...

precious one... you are a good mama... you totally handled it well.