Wednesday, February 15, 2012


1. I have one coming out of sickness...


2. And another coming into it.


3. I have gone to the grocery store twice before 11 am. (needed lentils for a soup i'm making for dinner and forgot the 1st time).

4. I have sang Twinkle Twinkle little star approx. 100 times. :) My littlest loves it.

5. Adelyn got new socks at Target this morning.


6. I have posted at least 5 pics on Instagram. A little trigger happy. :)

7. I plan on cleaning my house. I should be doing that now because Adelyn's asleep and Andon is resting. hmmm

8. I don't have to run. It's a rest day on my 12 week half marathon training schedule. yay!

9. I actually remembered to put my wedding rings on before I left to run errands this am. I usually forget.

10. I plan to get lots of snuggles with my boy. I really hate it when my kids are sick. Something feels unsettled in me until they are better.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s i joined Bloglovin today. A fun sites where you can follow all of your favorite blogs.

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