Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christmas in March

Merry Christmas friends! ;) Christmas was so amazing this year and not for any reason in particular. We stayed home (which we always do now.) Jared and I used to always go to my parents for Christmas morning but since Andon was small we started to stay home and then go visit our families Christmas afternoon.

I don't exactly know what it is but every year I tell Jared 'this was my favorite Christmas.'

And really, 2011 really was.

All the Christmas traditions seemed so exciting and special this year. More so than ever.

Going to pick out our tree and decorating it...


Making a gingerbread house.. Andon loves to do these. Neither Jared or I help make it. (I help hold the walls together at first so it doesn't fall apart but that's it.) We let the kids go crazy with the decorating so we usually have some pretty awesome gingey houses!! :))


Going to see Santa!


We added a new tradition this year. Our sweet little elf on the shelf "Pix"!

He did all kinds of fun things like hang candy canes all over the tree and climb to the top for the kids to find him in the morning. One night he cut out lots and lots and lots of snowflakes and hung them all over the ceiling outside of Andon's room. That was his best trick! :) He wrote his name in cereal and Santa in legos and hid in many places all over the house.


Baking and eating lots of chocolate chip cookies.. I'm sure I baked cookies a half dozen times during the month of December! Growing up my Mom always made them around Christmas so whenever I make them I think of it. Love that.


Going to watch Andon in his Christmas program at church. Such a sweet thing but sometimes these tend to be more funny to me. All the different little personality's up there. So cute!


And opening gifts on Christmas morning. This was the first year that we had a child come into our room at an absurd time of the morning or I should say night. We put Andon to bed around 8:30, his usual bed time. Then Jared and I got to work putting together a gifts and things. We had got into bed around 11:30 and sometime right after that Andon came walking in asking if it was time to get up! No way child.. Jared took him back to bed only to have him show up again around 2:30 am. Poor guy just couldn't rest with all the excitement! I took him to bed this time and he didn't wake up until around 6:30 or so. I can handle that! :)


I'm sure it sounds crazy to be posting about Christmas in March but this is my blog and it's what I do. Not really, just this year. ;) Blogging has not come easy for me in the last few months. I love love love to document these things for my littles and myself to look back on so that's why i'm posting about Christmas now. Boo! But better late than never! It's only March right! Wow though, can you believe it's March!? We were just all hopped up on New Year's Resolution's and now it's halfway through March. Time is a flyin'.

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

That's alright. I just did the same thing with my annual letter :)
I agree, better late than never!
Thanks for sharing. I read and enjoyed.