Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The beach (torture) experience!

So we decide we are going to the beach (I automatically think of all the work, get all the supplies, stop for more supplies, lug all the supplies on fiery sand with Andon asking a million questions and never doing what you want when you need. Picking a spot on the beach away from the crowds, unloading all the supplies, sand in EVERYTHING and so on, you get the picture) This time I decided it best to focus on the kid's (Andon's cousin's went as well) and make the day about them and experiences. Andon already trusts daddy to go in the ocean and brave the waves so it was time to switch it up. I have the bright idea to bury Andon in the sand (photo moment!) so I start digging with a .50 cent shovel from WalMart (piece O junk) and find out real fast that after the first inch down it's all hard sand. The sun is 190 degrees (at least) my back is on fire, I think i'm having a stroke and need to remind myself to breath. After twenty minutes realize i'm only a foot deep... GREAT! "Andon help daddy dig" Andon is actually caving in the sides now while he digs his own hole so I switch it up "Andon go play for a minute, over there" (anywhere but near my hole) After I finish I tell Andon to jump in, fill him up to his neck and let Jen snap some shots. I decide that it's pretty cool and I need to be in the hole with him (What am I thinking after that torture, must be the stroke) and start digging a deeper hole for me and him. 20 to 30 minutes later Jen is pouring water down my throught (I really am having a stroke now, I can't feel my arms and I'm sure the skin on my back has melted off) I jump in with Andon and everyone piles the sand in (WOW, sand compresses your chest and makes it impossible to breath, to top it off it's like an incubator, im dying inside) "JEN TAKE THE PICTURES QUICK". All in all it honestly was worth it, even though I spent a ton of mental time complaining, Andon's look of curiosity mixed with amazement makes all the "torture" worth it! - Jared


Brandi said...

Those pictures are CLASSIC! You have GOT to frame them in your home. . maybe in black and white?

I love the narrative of the story too. . thanks for adding all the details! I love hearing what's really going on in your head. . b/c that's what I would have been thinking too!

Too funny!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


You make a pretty good blogger. Sometimes, you have to be miserable for the those photo opportunities. You'll never remember that part in 5 years.

Unknown said...

I am really enjoying reading this blog!

That hole had to be huge! But the photo is awesome!