Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Family

I love this picture. It really captures in a single moment how I see both my son and my wife. My son is a fun free spirit, loves to play, laugh and have those around him laughing. Andon's eyes have this way of looking through me, releasing me from being an "adult" and reminding me of freedom. Jen is just plain beautiful! I often look at her and am immediately taken away from whatever I was about to say or do and feel breathless about not the way she looks, but the way she is from within. She radiates for me (always has, since the first day we met)


Unknown said...

Very sweet!

Sunday said...

Hey you guys! I am so glad you are blogging. I love this pic as well. Jen you are so beautiful and a dear friend of mine. Andon, oh my sweet boy everytime I hear your voice a see your face my heart is just so joyful! Love you friends, Sun

Brandi said...

Yeah!!! I didn't know you'd created it yet!

By the way. . I DO agree that Jen is gorgeous!

Love you guys,

Kelly said...

I love that he can still say that after years of marriage!! We should all be that lucky!
Kelly Gooch