Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of School

Last Wednesday was Andon's first day of school. Sorry for posting a little late, we have been busy with company. As you will see in some of the pictures, Jared's Dad and his girlfriend Abbe are here. So, the morning of school, Abbe made Andon and Papa pancakes and eggs. Upon Andon's request of course. :) That is his favorite breakfast. Here is a picture of them having their big breakfast together.

We already had his clothes picked out from the night before. It was a very exciting morning around here! Here is a picture of Andon outside ready to go. The big red thing is his mat for rest time. :)

Here are some pictures of us at his school waiting for the classes to start.

Here we are signing him in for class and checking it all out.

And a picture of him and his Daddy....

It all went better than I could have expected. He started to say "I'm scared" right before we were about to leave but Daddy came to the rescue and everything was fine. The five hours went by so fast! But, I was watching the clock once it was getting close to time to get him! I was so excited to hear how it went! :) He was very hyper and excited when I got there and said he couldn't wait to go back.
So, then came Friday. I took him all by myself, no entourage and no Daddy for backup. I should have known something would happen because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day. We even stopped off at Daddy's work before we went to school just to have a little chat. :) When we pull in the parking lot of school Andon say's "look at me mom" so I put my mirror on him and he say's "I just want to look at you all day". :) It was so cute! But I knew he was up to something. We go in to his class and he start's saying "i'm scared, don't leave me here!" That went on for fifteen minutes. He was crying, wanting me to hold him. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to cry myself but I know that would not have helped the situation!! :) Finally the teacher started talking to him about something and I had to go. All the way down the hall I could hear him screaming. I was so upset, I got in the car and called Jared. He said just wait a few minutes and go back to listen but don't let him see you. So, I did and he had stopped. But really, I was a mess the whole time he was there.
Once again, I couldn't wait to go get him and he was so happy and excited about his day at school. We will see how this week goes. It's just going to take a little getting used to. But really, it's only five hours two day's a week. I know this is what God has called us to do right now so I am excited to see all the things that come from it. :) ~Jen


Jackie Sue said...

Sweet pictures and post. Glad he likes it and thanks for sharing. By the way, I tagged you....go to my blog to see why :)

Anonymous said...

I have been where you are, Jen. It breaks your heart to leave the first few times. He will do great as you have already seen.

I have to tell you that Emily used to cry when Jamey and Annette would leave her for an overnight stay at our house. Annette would feel guilty until I told ger that Emily stopped crying once she heard their car door shut. Too funny! Now she is all grown up and I feel old!


mommy zabs said...

the pics are gr8!

Brandi said...

Such sweet pictures! I hate that he cried for you. . .you better blog on Wednesday to tell us how it goes!

Love you,

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

What a sweet boy! I know having him cry had to be hard. It's never easy to leave your kid when they don't want to go.
I'm glad you waited a few minutes and he did better. Good for you. I'm sure you just wanted to snatch him back up and go home :)

Unknown said...

I so feel our pain girl! Great job being stong and following the decision God laid on our heart.

The pictures are so sweet!

Largaespada Family said...

Oh sweet boy! It may take some time. Annalise still struggles when I put her in class on Sunday mornings. But, I know it is good for her. Love the pictures!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aw, sweet pictures and a fun lead up to the first day of school! Glad it went well! What a bummer that second day was a little harder. Good job staying tough. Aren't dad's amazing for those pep talks!! Thanks for sharing! I miss sometime soon.