Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rock Star Night!

Well, like I said in the previous post, last night was Family Fun Friday. We had so much fun playing guitar hero and rocking out. :) We keep saying we need to get 3 mullet wigs to wear while we play the game. We would end up wearing them all the time! There is just something so funny about a mullet wig!!! I am laughing right now!

Anyway, Jared has decided to start printing some T-shirts for Andon. I am very excited about this! So this week he came home with a few shirts "hot off the press"... Here are the two he brought home Friday night..

Here is the art Jared designed for one of the shirts... Very cool huh!? Especially for a 4 year old to wear!

Here is a pic of the boys wearing their Rock Star shirts..

And here are the boys playing their guitars! I know, Jared looks pretty serious! :)

It was such a fun night and then we had such a busy, fun day today. Andon and I helped Jared put together his booth for the YS show he's going to next week and then we met Jeffrey and Elizabeth and their kids in Downtown Franklin. After that we headed to their neighborhood for a Halloween get together. We had such a fun time hanging out with them and all their neighbors! I have plenty of pictures from this fun day but will have to post that tomorrow. I am exhausted and we are headed to a new church tomorrow. Jared met a guy tonight who invited us to their church. :) So, we'll see. Please pray for us in this situation. I am ready to have a church to call home!

By the way.. if we ever get mullet wigs, don't you worry!!! Those pictures would be on here in a second! :)


mommy zabs said...

Hey Girl. Those shirts "rock" ha! Seriously jareds art is great! Does he freelance at all? We loved hanging out with you and everyone that met you loved you :) I'm glad you had fun.

Brittani said...

I love the shirts! Can we buy some from Jared for our kids? It looks like you guys had a fun night. Andon is going to have such wonderful memories of his childhood. I just love that! You know, that will make HIM a wonderful parent one day, too. You are making an impact on many future generations to come. Many generations of mullet wearing, pumpkin carving, hard core rock stars! What could be more beautiful ;-)

Dearest Jessica said...

Such great shirts! I really want to see you in a mullet wig!

Jackie Sue said...

Love that!!! How fun for Andon to have some of his own special just for him designed by his great dad shirts :) Still waiting on that phone ya!