Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And She's Off

This week Adelyn has started crawling! She has been rocking back and forth on all fours for a few weeks now but hasn't gone anywhere. Then, in the last couple of days she had started crawling backwards and now she's going forward.

She still takes a moment to get going. She'll put her right foot on the ground and not really go anywhere.

Then she'll put her left foot on the floor...

And then she starts to go. It is so cute!! She is also sitting up but I haven't got any pictures of that yet.

Lot's and lot's of things going on around here. My little ones are growing and changing every day. I am just trying to keep up with it all and enjoy every minute of it. :)

I have yet to post about our schooling. So be expecting some fun posts about all that we have been up to and LOTS of fun pics of my boy in first grade.


Brittani said...

oh my word... so cute! Can't wait to see her do that in person :)

Sarah Pete said...

She is so adorable! AH! X-D