Saturday, September 4, 2010

Girl Time!

A couple of weeks ago my niece Briana came over for a visit. I love to have my niece and nephews over for a week or so during the summer. I took lots of pics when my nephew Cody came because it was his first time and I took a few when Briana came but I am so bummed I didn't take any when Jordan came. We did have lots of fun when he came including a little pool party with a few friends for his birthday. Love that sweet boy!

When Bri came this time it was a little challenging. She is the daughter of my sister who is in jail. (She and her brother live with their father.) I think she is really starting to feel the effects of that. She is a precious girl with a tough side to her. So this time around we had a few obedience problems. I decided it best to take her out for some girl time to just talk and have fun. She loved it!

We went to the mall and I let her pick a store to get something special. She chose Build-A-Bear! :) She picked a Hello Kitty and named her Hannah. Here are a few fun pics.

Giving her a bath.

Adelyn saying I want to do this too!! :)

My precious girls.

Afterwards we headed over to the food court for some pizza and time to talk. I love her so much. I always get sad when she has to go home but look forward to our next visit. :)

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