Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Out!

The kids and I have been couped up in our house since Andon had his surgery a week and a half ago. Except for the day we went back to Tampa for a post op appointment. Which by the way went very well. Andon had to have some stitches taken out and the Dr. said everything looked great! We will write a whole other post regarding Andon and this last surgery. This was his 13th surgery or so and he did so great (as he usually does.) We are so proud of our boy and so glad that he doesn't have any more until his early teens.

So yesterday we decided to go on a family bike ride around the neighborhood. Adelyn is now big enough to ride on the bike seat on my bike!! I am so happy about that. I loved riding around with Andon in there and now I get to have her there too. So fun! I snapped a couple pics of my peeps before we headed out on our 20 min excursion. haha Really though, the weather is so beautiful right now. We enjoyed our little bike ride so much that we later loaded the kids up in the wagon and went around again! :)

As you can see we finally gave the blog a new look!! We had the title "The Three of Us" and that just doesn't work anymore! :) So yesterday Jared and I (I didn't really do much besides pick out the stuff I like for it) made the new header. I still have things I want to do but it all takes so much time so i'll get it done when I can. Hope you like what we've done so far! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the new blog look! Great pictures of all of your peeps too! :-) Thanks for sharing!!

Brittani said...

LOVE the new blog!!! Great job :)
These pics are adorable... i love her little hat