Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Goodness

I hate it when weeks go by without me writing a single post! I am not sure who reads this blog other than a friend or two and my Mom whenever she can. But, I absolutely love looking back on the last couple of years with my sweet ones here.


I am really gonna commit to posting at least 2 to 3 times a week. Even if it's only photos of Andon and Adelyn. They are growing and changing right before my eyes!! Please make it stop! I ask Andon all the time to stay the age he's at. When he was younger he would ask if that was possible, now he say's "no way, I want to be a teenager!" Great. This post is gonna be all over the place but I have a few things to catch up on!

Andon had a major reconstructive surgery a month ago. They took bone off of his skull to build his cheekbones where they were deficient. This was a surgery that has been somewhat planned and talked about since his birth. It always felt so far away and all of a sudden we found ourselves here. I was and wasn't ready for it. I knew it was going to somewhat change the way he looked and that was what I struggled with. He is my baby and I think perfect just the way he is. But Jared and I have to make decisions for Andon's life and this was one of those decisions. This surgery would give his face some more symmetry and lift his eyes where they were somewhat slanted due to the lack of bone. Trust me though, those eyes were then and still are just precious. Oh I love my boy!! So now we are a month away from this surgery and he is doing wonderful. He is still slightly swollen in places and we can expect changes in him through the next coming months. Just this week he is able to resume normal physical activity which has probably been the hardest thing! He is an active little boy!

I have one picture I want to post. Andon had to be cut from ear to ear so they had to shave is head from ear to ear. Well, Daddy gave himself the same haircut so him and Andon would be the same. Trust me when I say if he could have been cut too he would have! We feel honored that God chose us to be Andon's parents. That He trusts us enough with His precious gift. I never feel that more than when Andon has a surgery. The whole time he is away from me I am in constant prayer and thanking God for Andon and telling Him that he is your's Lord before he is mine, I trust you in this situation. We are SO Thankful for our boy and all that God has done in and through him!

Now here's the picture of the awesome haircuts being sported around here!

Thanksgiving was last week and we had my family over. We pretty much go back and forth each year between the families. But this year my Father in Law joined us as well. My sister and her kids came over the night before so we could do some prep cooking and my Mama got here a little early that day so she could help with the things I had no clue about (stuffing and giblet gravy!) Which by the way is very good but this year I bit into something (i think liver, ahhhhhh) and i'm not sure i'll ever eat it again. But who knows, i'll probably forget all about that scary taste by next Thanksgiving. Either way, I only snapped a few pics that day but here are two of my faves.

My sweet Addie girl on her first Thanksgiving...

And her with my niece Briana.

I know these photos look totally different but I am teaching myself how to use photoshop and trying out all sorts of new things on pictures. :)

Hmmm, now what. Well, we find ourselves in the month of December!! We have started the Christmas decorating process but aren't finished yet. We like to buy real trees and didn't want to have a dead tree on Christmas morning so we will be getting that this Friday. But Andon's tree is up in his room and we have a few decorations around the house. I will post pics when we finish. One fun thing we like to do is get new Christmas p.j's to wear while we decorate with the smell of cookies in the background. (yeah, about that.... we have been making cookies so much lately that I have just been making batches of dough and leaving it in the fridge for when we want to just bake a few! This could lead to some serious trouble!)

Anyways, here's some pics of me and my girl in our jams. Jared and Andon just got pants because they get really hot at night. :)

(please excuse the squirelly look in my eyes in these pics. i foolishly decided to stay awake all night with some friends for black friday shopping this year and this was the day after! not sure if i'll ever do that again.)

And last but not least.. I told you this post would be all over the place!

Here's my sweet guy and his Jedi sword. He drew a bunch of Jedi swords and cut them out to fight me with. The kid loves Star Wars! He is constantly talking about it and asking questions and I have NO CLUE what he is talking about. But that's ok, I can hold my own with the sword! :)


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love it when you post! I feel like that's the only time I get to see your family! So glad that Andon is back to normal activity. I'm sure he is too.

Brittani said...

i love the Christmas Pjs.... i had fun on black friday :) next year you need to come with a list, that'll help a lot. It's still crazy, but you get a lot done.

Kelly said...

I'm still reading you :) My phone deleted all of my phone numbers...can you text me yours? I wanted to tell you if you have more trips to take to Tampa....I would tag along w/you if you need the company! Let me know!