Friday, December 3, 2010


It has gotten away from us this week. We have all been so sick around here all week! It started with Adelyn and then quickly struck the rest of us.

It's ok though because I have gotten lots of snuggles from both of my busy little ones. Andon seems to think he's too old for that stuff now and Adelyn is just not much of a snuggler. Boo.

Somehow Andon and I were able to get 2 weeks of school done this week!! Woo Hoo! We brought the school work out of the classroom and did a lot of it on the couch and living room floor. It's nice to have a change of scenery sometimes.

And see these test scores he got today! (i know the handwriting's a bit messy but sometimes that happens when he's done a lot of writing all at once. :))

And speaking of time flying, Adelyn turns 8 months old tomorrow! I wasn't able to write a 7 month old post because we were in the hospital for Andons's last surgery. So I have a lot to catch up on here about her sweet self.

Looking forward to relaxing this weekend with my little family. I think we may go out and get our Christmas tree, if we're all feeling up for it. I know i'd love to have it set up for us all to look at and lay under and smell already!! So hopefully, we'll see. :)

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