Monday, June 16, 2008

Be 4 for a minute!

I love watching Andon play. I have a very vivd and active imagination. Watching Andon play stirs in me the desire to not only join but add to his imagination. We spend a ton of time playing outside. Our garage has a larger driveway area in which we ride bikes, skooters, heelies etc. We are getting ready to move and as such have plenty of packing to do. I needed to get some boxes and this presented an opportunity to "Play". Andon wouldn't get tired of things to do with one box, so imagine what thirty could do!

I decided that what we needed to do is build a castle as an extension of the garage that he could drive through with ease and play around in all day. Two of his cousins were over so let's get to work!

First daddy announces we are building a castle (MISTAKE! children want what you say the second you say it). In the garage we go, I enlist the troops to do certain jobs (You there, close the boxes and hand them to him, you there, tape the box shut and hand it to her, you there, stack the boxes so I can see what we need to use). After about thirty minutes we have enough to start so I consult the design team (children) on what looks best, functions best and what they would want (Jordan, Andon's older cousin, requests a bridge and a second floor!!! not gonna happen) Thirty minutes into construction I have lost the interest of my design team, been abandoned by any adult and am praying that my last helper (Roger, Jens younger brother) sticks out the last thirty minutes (or hour, we'll see).

I complete final construction of the archway (only after battling the wind, poor taping decisions and mis calculation of load bearing walls etc (ha ha). I reassemble the team for the ribbon cutting ceremony and open the castle for destruction. If you are thinking I go overboard at times I would agree. Will this change my approach in the future? probably not! All in all it was fun, the kids got to play, ride in and out etc. It became our hang out spot for the day and it was another opportunity for me to be 4 for a minute with my 4 year old. - Jared


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I'm pretty sure that is more fun than I ever have or will be with my kids. Just ask them, they'll tell you.
That looks like a pretty sweet castle from the supplies you had to work with. Maybe if you had a little more time, you could've designed a special paper for each box and made the whole thing very colorful. Hey, there's an idea for what to do after you move with all those boxes!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I heard about this and wished we were there too! Thanks for sharing and reminding us to have fun with our kids! By the way I tried to comment last week and I couldn't so I will say it again. Yes, Jared, you have a very beautiful wife and a sweet, sweet son. You are one blessed man!! Christie

Brandi said...

Don't tell my kids how much fun you guys are! Promise?

That looks like a blast. . I think I myself would have enjoyed that activity and KNOW I used to love doing that as a kid!

Loved the pictures and how seriously you took your job as castle builder!