Saturday, June 14, 2008

Early Father's Day

Well, here it is. This is where I will start. :) Jared and I have started this blog together because I wouldn't post enough to keep anyone's interest. :)

Father's Day is tomorrow so I wanted to write a little about my sweet dad and my sweet husband. My sister's and I treated our dad out to lunch a week ago at a local seafood restaurant he loves. He was so sweet eating his seafood platter thinking about what he was going to save my mom. They both LOVE seafood! Too cute. It was a fun time sitting there with him, my two sister's and brother. Just chit chatting and looking out at the water. My dad is such a sweet simple man. He's the kind of person who feels more comfortable giving than taking. He's actually uncomfortable accepting any kind of gift, even us taking him to lunch! I love him very much and love that Andon loves to go see Papa.

My sweet hubby is such a wonderful father to Andon. I couldn't have asked for anything more. They are so much alike in so many ways! They both love to laugh and have fun all the time. Dancing, acting like super heroes and goofing off. I try to include myself in the goofing sometimes and will imitate them to only hear Andon say "Mom, that's not funny"!? haha. They have such a sweet relationship and I love watching it grow. Almost every day Andon tells me when I grow up I'm going to be like daddy. He has even started to measure his hands and say they're getting as big as daddy's. Too cute!
So I asked Andon what he wanted to do for Daddy for Father's day and he said he wanted to make him a cake and get him an Optimus Prime (Transformers). So we printed this Optimus Prime off the computer as a card and Andon wrote Happy Father's Day Daddy.

Then off to the cake. Well, I had no frosting but thought I could just make my own. Mix a little cocoa, butter, powdered sugar etc. (the recipe's on the side of the cocoa container) and there you have frosting. It tastes ok. Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines got that all figured out so next time i'll just go to the store. But, it was so fun to make with Andon and hold at the door when daddy walked in from work Friday night. I know, we're early around here. :)

So, Happy Father's Day Dad and Jared I love you both so very much! Love, Jen


Brandi said...

How sweet are you? I was actually pretty lazy about Father's Day this year and I think I'll have to make it up tomorrow night or seomthing! Great ideas!

Love you,

Happy Housewife said...

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Sunday said...

Hey there Friends! You know Jen there isn't anything better than having a Good Ol' Country Boy for a dad. So glad you posted. The kids and I would love to see you and Andon soon. We miss you both! Sun

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Love this post. I am surprised to see cake in the picture. I didn't think you liked sweets much :)

Anonymous said...

Very fun idea!

PS...I think your funny!