Thursday, September 18, 2008

All in One

Like I said in the previous post I had a lot to catch up on. I was tagged by my sweet friend/mentor Jackie. There are rules and everything to it but one of the rules was to have fun breaking them, so that's what i'll do. :) Sorry Jackie, I know that kills you. :) The tag was all about the impact blogging has had on your life. And you were supposed to write five specific ways blogging has affected you positively or negatively.
Well, I started this blog a couple of months ago. The only reason I started it was to keep in touch with my family and friend's after we moved to Nashville. I am no writer, my grammer is probably a big mess so I was pretty intimidated to start. That's why if you scroll back to the first post's on this blog they were written by Jared. He said we were going to do this thing together but once I blogged a few times he rarely has again. Now he say's he was just getting me started. :) I love to post pictures on my blog so everyone can see my little Andon growing so fast and see all the fun stuff he has been up to. I really didn't expect anything to come from blogging just wanted to post what we were up to and keep up with all my sweet friends that I miss so much. But, some wonderful things have happened because of it! I met a girl who has a blog here in Tennessee and joined a bible study that she is leading and love it! I also joined another bible study that she spoke of on her blog. We went yesterday and God has already challenged me in so many ways from this one. I am so excited about getting to know the women in my new studies! I also met my sweet friend Elizabeth from blogging. She lives here in Tennessee and was writing something about her son going to soccer and I contacted her about it and we have been hanging out since the first week I got here! She is also coming to the Westwood Women's Retreat with my church at home! I'd love to say it was all because of me but I know she just adores Brandi and would love to see all the other girls she once new. :) So, without blogging I don't think that after a month and a half here in Tennessee I would already be getting connected!

What else, the weather here has been beautiful!! It's nice and cool in the mornings and get's warmer throughout the day but still has a nice fall breeze. I love it! I love the Fall, I wish I could put all my cute Fall decor out but really I think it would make me feel too crowded in this apartment. So i'll have to pass on that this year. :(

I FINALLY started running again. At home in Florida I would run 5 or so days a week with my precious friend Christie. Who I miss SO MUCH! :) We would run anywhere from 3-5 miles during the week and step it up on the weekends with anywhere from a 5-10 mile run. Well, we only did 10 twice but i'm pretty proud of us! :) So, when I first got here I went running with these women I met on one of my trips here (before I moved). That run was horrible! I got so sick, we were about 2 miles out on a 9 mile run and my body was shutting down! Oh boy was it bad. I felt terrrible. I didn't want to slow anyone down so I kept pushing until I couldn't any longer. I finally told one of the ladies I had to go back and she was so kind to stay with me. I was fighting off throwing up and going potty in my pants! I know, WAY too much info here but it was bad! Anyways, after that experience I was starting to give up on running until I saw this girl running through our apartment complex one evening. I stopped her to talk and asked her how often she runs and we have been running together for a week now! Yeah! I am in need of some exercise here! :)

We went to the Nashville Zoo last weekend. It wasn't anything special, but i've never really been a huge fan of looking at trapped animals sleeping all day in these made up environments. Andon had a blast though! He is such an animal lover, he made sure we stopped at every single animal to take a look. :) Here are a few pics from that day...

This is a viewing area for the prairie dogs. You climb under and peek up at them.

Andon and I on the carousel..

We also went and walked around downtown Nashville one day. Here are some pics of Andon sitting next to a statue of a man playing a guitar.

I still have more but don't want to be overwhelming. We are headed to Georgia for a vacation Friday! I can't wait for some relaxation! But am sad to miss church and my new bible studies. I'll be sure to post more soon. And pics of our trip!

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me...



Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys are adjusting!! Glad you are getting back into ole habits!!

Anonymous said...

It seems the cooler air has made you quite out going!

Glad to see things are going well, miss you friend.

It made me sad today, we had a few freinds at the park..all the boys and Abbie, We missed Andon..and you!

mommy zabs said...

Thanks for including me in your thankful for blogging post! :) I'm so glad you stepped out an emailed me!

Largaespada Family said...

Sweet post. Love the Zoo pics. Girl, you know how to take some great pictures!


Jackie Sue said...

love you and love this post! are we ever going to catch up with eachother? :)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

sweet post! I am so glad that you started a blog! It just makes me feel like you aren't THAT far away.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so miss you! It has been a crazy week so I am so bummed we didn't get caught up. Please call me this week if you have cell service in the mountains. I would love to hear about everything! Have fun! Love, Christie

brooke said...

Firstly, I hate that I didn't get to help send you off on your move. I have been kicking myself for that one.

Second, How I am SO looking forward to seeing you!

Lastly, I have really enjoyed catching up on all that you are up to these days. Go, girl, Go! Andon's school looks so fun! How did this past week go for him?

BTW, your area looks beautiful!

Valarie Daly said...

Can't wait to see you at the ladies retreat! I'm glad you are getting connected and have found a church the family is enjoying. That's the hardest thing of moving is finding a church! I'm envious of your cool nights and fall like temps! The mountians in the fall is like a little piece of heaven!