Friday, October 24, 2008

Letter S Week

This week Andon learned about the letter S at his MDO. When I dropped him off on Wednesday his teacher told me to have him wear Silly Socks on Friday. The fun thing is when we got home there was a little package in the mail. My Mom (Nana) had sent Andon a letter and a couple pairs of fun socks she had picked up for him! He was pretty excited because they were Batman. And the letter was so sweet! Thanks Mom! Here's a pic of my little feet... :)

And here's a pic of my silly boy. He saw a picture of his friend Bradley this morning on the computer wearing a clown nose and wanted to take a picture wearing these glasses! :)

Tonight is Family Fun Friday! We are having a Rock Star night and I already have plenty of pictures for another post! But I'll spare you for now... :)


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

How fun!

Jackie Sue said...

Hey! I called you the other day...hope you got my message. Just got all caught up on your posts...I've been a little out of blog world the header and the line and the pumpkin and the boy :) Just so sweet. So glad to know that you all are doing so well. How is your Bible study going? How about church??? Love me.

Brittani said...

No! don't "spare us" us the new pics. They better be on tomorrows blog :-) I love his Nose picture...too cute! I miss my sweet Andon. Tell him we said, "we love you, sweet boy!" Can't wait to read about your family fun night. Love you girl.