Monday, October 6, 2008

What a Weekend!

This past weekend was the women's retreat for my church at home in Florida. I had been looking forward to this trip since I moved here to Nashville 2 months ago. And what a weekend it was! I have come home feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to apply what I have learned. We did the Beth Moore Loving Well study which was awesome! She talked about how God measures maturity by how we love and how we will never learn to love well without allowing Him to love us first. We have been called to love.

I took my camera with the hopes of taking many pictures but I completely forgot! So here are a few that I snapped right before I had to head to the airport.

This is Brandi, Brooke, Me and Cassie.

Here is a picture of Me and Sun.

Here is a picture of Abby, Me and Christie, my sweet running partners!

And this is a picture of two of my favorite women! They both have loved me and taught me so much! Jackie has been a wonderful mentor and friend over the last year and a half and Terri lead me to the Lord 7 years ago. I am so thankful to have these precious women in my life.

The trip was wonderful and then I came home to my handsome hubby and sweet little boy. The house was spotless and Jared was pretty proud of himself for that! :) I have to say I am one blessed girl!

Now we have to start planning something girls! I can't wait too long without seeing all of you! I'm thinking twice a year get togethers! :) I had such a great time, I miss you all already!!


Valarie Daly said...

I'm glad that you were able to join us this past weekend! I am all for the get togethers to stay connected. Thanks for sharing your story about your sister, I will be lifting her up in prayer and ask that her heart will be open to the one who created her and loves her the most! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

So glad you came! It seemed like the weekend just went too fast though.
I think the Spring idea was a good one.

Largaespada Family said...

It was so good to see you Jen! I think it would be awesome for you to plan another trip soon. Keep on coming!

Love ya!

Jackie Sue said...

Loved being with you and love your cropping are a true friend :) Let's make use of those free nighttime minutes..oh yeah...when you get another cell phone ;) Love you tons...keep me posted on everything.